Victory Project

The first project of the VICTORY ecosystem is a play to earn game: ORIGINS. This game is the gateway to the creation of our metaverse and NFT world. The ORIGINS play to earn game is our means to mine $VICTORY: the governance token of the metaverse and our ecosystem. We want to encourage our hodlers to be part of the project from the very beginning and take advantage of the revaluation of our finite and deflationary governance token. Our goal is to create a community committed to VICTORY that can benefit, participate and be rewarded for their trust in the project through multiple ways to generate revenue within our ecosystem.

Origins game

During the ORIGINS game and as a means of mining the $VICTORY governance token, players will be able to earn rewards by performing individual missions in the game. The game is divided into 5 phases. Players will have to work together in order to defeat enemies that would be impossible to defeat without the unity of the community, this is how you will unlock these phases. Players will get rewards not only from their individual missions, they will also get rewards based on their performance and contribution to the community missions.

The rewards obtained on our governance token will benefit from staking and staking LP options.

Finally, the big final jackpot. The final stage of the game will only be accessible to 50% of the best players who will have previously formed alliances. Of these, 5% will represent the winners of the ORIGINS game, to whom the final pot accumulated throughout the game will be distributed.



We want to introduce you to the best option of our ecosystem to monetize your experience in VICTORY: Each account is associated with a basic LAND that allows you to have 2 characters, of which you can only play 1 at a time. In the case of exclusive LANDs sold in pre-sale, the benefits are as follows:

  • Expanded playable character storage capacity.
  • Playable characters can be played all at once, not one at a time.
  • Exclusive access to the Victory token private pre-sale.
  • Priority access to purchase NFTs in each round, to ensure that they can fill their LAND capacity.
  • From each NFT sale, a % will be distributed to the LANDs.
  • LAND owners will receive a % of the fee from the purchase and sale of the Victory token.
  • LAND owners will receive a % of the fee charged in the MATIC token Marketplace.
  • The LAND will have a utility within the metaverse.


  • Game 55%
  • Team 15%
  • Liquidity 5%
  • Public sale (IDO) 6%
  • Marketing 5%
  • Developers 5%
  • DEX Listing 4%
  • Private sale 4%


The team

Raquel CEO

Kyrian CFO

Eric CCO

Heike COO

Burbujita CM

Kathy CM

Fernando LBD




Contact en

Contact en

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